About the law office

Since 2015 Attorney Christian Cardone is working as a lawyer in Berlin with the focus of immigration law, nationality law, asylum and refugees.

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We represent you nationwide. We will support you in all kinds of visa procedures, rights of residency and in obtaining German citizenship in front of German embassies abroad, in front of the regional foreigners offices and the administrative courts all over Germany.


Legal proceedings against the German Embassy - as represented by the Foreign Office - always lead to the Administrative Court of Berlin. That is why it is important to find a lawyer in Berlin.


The law firm is located in Berlin Mitte on the Mohrenstraße 17. The office can be reached easily by subway (U2/U6) to Stadtmitte.

You can reach us by phone on +49 (0)30 8878660 or by e-mail: info@rechtsanwalt-cardone.de

Please find the directions, a map and our opening hours here.

Our law firm is specialized in the following fields of migration law:


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  • visas: We apply for your visa; short term (tourist visa = Schengenvisum) as well as long term visa (national visa). In case of refusal we can go for remonstration or to court. Which one is necessary will be explained personally.
  • residence permits: People who want to stay permanently in Germany need a residence permit. We apply for your residence permit.

We will explain you which documents are needed. Every case is different. It depends on the         reason of the stay in Germany. We can show you the way.

  • family reunification (spouses, children) We will arrange your family reunion. We tell you which documents are needed, especially language knowledge and calculation of costs of living.
  • Marriage: You need to know how the procedure is in front of the standesamt. Not every marriage in every country is aknowledged in Germany. What needs to be done to marry in Germany or elsewhere will be detailly explained.  
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  • permanent residence: After a certain period of time it is possible to get a permanent residence. This depends on the income as well on the knowledge of the german lanugage.
  • nationality law: We apply for your German citizenship or check that you did never lose your existing german citizenship. It is also possible that children of foreign parents can become German citizens when they are born in Germany. Under which conditions this will happen depends on the stay of the parents in Germany as well as on the status of their residence.
  • expulsion (Ausweisung) & deportation (Abschiebung): We prevent your deportation from Germany.
  • toleration (Duldung): We will apply a toleration. We can tell you what you can and cannot do with a toleration, especially whether or not you are allowed to work with it.
  • Buisiness visa: We will get your buisiness visa for Germany with work permit for employees; highly qualified employees (Blue Card) and companies.
  • studying in Germany: If you want to move to Germany and stay as a student, we can explain the conditions and what needs to be done to get a visa for studying in Germany and what is possible after you finished studying.
  • humanitarian visa or residence permit: like for example asylum, refugee, visa for medical treatments
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For many visas or residence permits in Germany, you usually need proof of an appropriate language level.


You can contact the deutSCHule in Berlin to take language tests. The corresponding courses to prepare for the language tests are offered here.


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If you have worked in Germany and currently reside outside the EU, you might qualify for a refund of your pension contributions.

Germany Pension Refund provides free consultation and can assist you with your refund